If you're looking to revamp the walls of your house, whether interior or exterior, you've come to the right place. There's no better way to go about redecoration than having a team of experienced and educated professionals, providing you with the highest quality painting service in the area. Fresh Start Painting is one of the top-rated Hamilton painting services and we're ready to work with you for whatever painting project you're about to get started on! We can help you with not only giving your house a fresh, new look but also increasing it's value. In other words, with Fresh Start Painting, you're definitely in great hands.

We can provide a wide range of services, that ultimately create a convenient package - you don't need to visit anyone else. We believe in creating an experience for our customers. With us, you don't just get painted walls. Fresh Start Painting gives you free color consultations. That's right - with no charge at all, we can can analyze your needs and rooms to recommend what we think the best choices for your walls are. Our industry experience and taste will surely be helpful when you begin navigating color swatches for your walls. We know it can get overwhelming and we're here to guide you.

Fresh Start Painting also believes in doing things right. Painting is much more than brush strokes on the wall, it's about preparation and care that makes the whole process much easier. We will always conduct wall preparation before applying paint, as well as lay out drop sheets to protect the floor and any valuables. We take all necessary precautions when advancing on a job and you can rest assured that your walls and your floors will look as good as new!

One of the most important things we offer is the free price quote. We believe that customers have a right to know exactly how much a project will cost, and we understand it is difficult to plan around arbitrary numbers. That's why we offer a free quote service, right on our website, so you can plan accordingly. Whether it's painting cost per room, or the price of painting house exteriors, we'll provide you exactly what you need to know. From start to finish, we keep you involved in the process and we can guarantee finishing on time with friendly and professional staff!

Take a look around our website to see for yourself. Our portfolio houses a gallery of our finished projects and they do not disappoint. We have painted homes, apartments, townhouses and commercial spaces. We have been hard at work on accent walls, kitchen interiors, bathrooms and even a laundromat! Whether it's white, grey, beige, cream, teal or any other color that springs to your mind, we will always be on board and ready to work with you for whatever project you have in mind.

Fresh Start Paintings is your best choice for painting services in Hamilton, so call us now to get started on: 905 379 3596