How to estimate the cost of your exterior painting?

Exterior painting, especially in today’s Hamilton, Ontario housing market is such a huge addition to the value of your home. Whether you want to add curb appeal, or add upwards of 20,000 dollars to a home it is a very worthwhile investment.


The cost of painting an exterior project can vary depending on many factors.

The application of paint is sometimes the easiest part of the job with many different factors contributing to man hours needed to complete a job.


  • Height of home
  • Condition of previous paint
  • What type of surface is the paint being applied on
  • Quality of Paint

A good outline for estimating the cost of your exterior painting project in Hamilton, Ontario goes like this:



Height of home:

1 story: Base price of 2,000

2 Story: Base price of 3,000


Condition of Home:

Good condition: Multiply by 1.0

Moderate Condition: Multiply by 1.2

Bad condition: Multiply by 1.3


Quality of paint?


Standard: Multiply by 1.0

Medium : Multiply by 1.1

High: Multiply by 1.3


If you are interested in a free estimate we at Fresh Start Painting, Hamilton, will come to your property write a detailed report and deliver you a price that is fair for both parties.


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