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At fresh start painting, we don’t believe in charging for work that hasn’t been finished, let alone started. We know how difficult it is to try and clearly plan your home renovation goals without any idea of the paint cost associated with your plans and ideas. Without knowing the cost of wall paint, the cost of exterior paint, the cost for house painting and anything else that comes with a home renovation, there’s no place to start. You might even wonder if painters in Hamilton cost differently than painters elsewhere. Clearly, this information is hard to come by and is out of reach especially when you need it most. Without relevant and specific information, your house renovation or painting plans might as well be dreams. If nothing is written down and concrete, it’s not easy to move on to the next step, and we all want to set in stone our ideas and goals for our perfect houses and rooms. So why should you wait? Why search online for information that might not even be relevant to your area or your needs? It’s easy to get lost in information online and stumble upon numbers that are not accurate at all.

That’s where we come in! Whether you are unsure of the painting cost per room or you want to know commercial painting rates, Fresh Start Painting is here to assist you in all your concerns and queries. We won’t let you get lost in the sea of numbers that are out there online today, because you should be aware of the price of paint you may need.

We all know that a painting quote, or a cost estimate is the first step in getting your home repainted. Of course, you may be wondering exactly how much do interior house painters charge? With Fresh Start Painting we offer free onsite quotes and a rough estimate over the phone as well as a free online estimator tool that can be found at the bottom of this page.

For a free house painting price estimate please use the form below. You will be asked a series of questions including the square footage on the house or area of house you would like painted. You will also be asked if you would require the walls, ceiling, trims and doors to be painted. Once you have filled out these question click the blue “get free instant quote” button. You will be taken to a page with a price estimate based on the criteria you have provided. And there you have it! Never again will you need to ask yourself – “How much do interior house painters charge?” It’s not a mystery anymore.

We offer quotes for  Doors and Trim Painting, Full House painting projects, ceiling painting, exterior painting. We can help you determine all the different painting services cost you desire. With this form, you will easily and quickly be able to tell the cost for painters to paint a room and have an accurate estimate for painting that can help you in planning your home renovations. With this paint cost estimator, you’ll be sure to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Never again will you find yourself searching for hours for numbers upon numbers, for house painting cost per room or painter cost per hour. Instead, you have it all right in front of you with the estimator that Fresh Start Painting provides.

And what’s more – once you have these numbers and costs in front of you, it will be extremely easy to move on to the next step of your home project, the actual painting! We all know that’s the fun part, so why get bogged down in the cost of painters? Give Fresh Start Painting the opportunity to do the dirty work for you and provide you everything you need to sit down and specifically plan your renovation goals.

Call us today at 905-379-3596 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started and clear up all your confusion and concerns over the cost of painting in Hamilton today. We don’t charge per hour, we charge based on the square footage.


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We offer quotes for  Doors and Trim Painting, Full House painting projects, ceiling painting, exterior painting